Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning new things

Well, what do you think of my new background? Neat eh!? I need to adjust the height a bit, it's getting cut off some, but it looks pretty good. I made it myself. Well, I didn't make all individual pieces like the butterfly backing or the butterflies on the ribbon, I downloaded those from free sites, but I put it all together the way I wanted it and colorized it and all that... Hopefully I'll get better at it as I practice lol. I don't have the full blown Photoshop anymore (too expensive to replace and the one I have won't run on vista) so doing the individual stuff like that is out, well I don't know I'll have to practice more with Photoshop Elements and see what I can do with it, we'll see... but I already know that I can put all pieces together and make them pretty!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's good to go out

So, my hunny took me on a Sunday morning date this past weekend. It was a great time. We discovered that we have an IMAX theater not to far away, so we went to the morning showing of the new Transformers at the IMAX. Good movie, awesome sound! We will be getting that one when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Then we went to lunch at On the Border, one of our favorite mexi places. Here we had a couple snags... First, after about 20 minutes, our waiter came over saying that he forgot to turn in our order, lol, it was fine, we weren't starving or anything, all was well. He said he won't charge us for our drinks because of this error... ok, no prob...

Then he brings us our lunch, I ordered a chicken chimi... I got a chimi, I THINK it was pork, not sure. So he comes back to see if everything is to our liking and I ask him if he can tell what kind of chimi he brought me... of course, he ordered chicken, double checked his pad and everything. He offered to take it back and have it remade, I said it wasn't necessary, I just wanted to know what I was eating lol... I won't ever order that dish on purpose, it's not nearly as good as the chicken, but I try to see these kinds of things as an opportunity to try something new, so I don't send them back unless they are just not to my liking. So, we got a free desert to share too, warm brownie topped with icecream, and chocolate AND caramel syrups. Yes, I will have to do an extra workout this week because of this lunch lol...

Our poor waiter was feeling pretty bad about our service. It really didn't bother me. We still left him a good tip, he was up front about forgetting to put in the order, and the dish being wrong was the kitchens fault, the rest of the service was just fine, so no need for his tip to suffer for that.

The lunch mishaps aside, it was a wonderful time, great movie, good food, and my wonderful hunny spending time with me!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. I know we did. We had the family over for a BBQ. It was fun! The food was good, the company great, one couldn't ask for more. My brother showed up early for a little pool time before everyone else arrived.

The younger kids enjoyed themselves on the 360, they played and played. That is except for little miss Lydia, she played in my pond, then climed up and down the stairs over and over, then did a telling to the boys about controller batteries, then did a little dusting for me, that was really cute.

The 'boys' couldn't peel themselves away from the tv, they were watching the race. I have to admit that the end was pretty exciting. All in all a GREAT Day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family Reunion

Well here I am, starting yet another project to add to my already endless list. lol

Well this past week was pretty exciting. We got to see all Ashby's again. Well the ones able to make it to the Reunion that is. It was a great time.

Our first night we spent having a wonderful BBQ and excellent conversation, not to mention a bit of Guitar Hero thrown in here and there.

The next day was full of adventure at Lagoon. We went on the Rattlesnake Rapids first, and then again. The little ones wanted to do it again, lol. It was fun, we were soaked. That was around 12:30 I think; I wasn't fully dry until 6pm... and then came the rain, so I was wet again... But all was well, we had the whole day before the rain came.

We did a few roller coaster rides, some of us faired on the rides better than others did... hehehe... we won't name names, will we GLEN.

We all met for dinner around 6pm at the pavilion that mom had reserved and more conversation ensued. It was right about the time that we were ready to head back out to catch some more rides that it b
egan to rain. Not the fun part of the day. We waited it out for a while, then left. Well, most of us left, there were a few that stayed and waited out the rain until the rides opened back up. The rest of us went back to Cindy's.

Now, it was also mom and dad's 44th anniversary, so a little impromptu celebration took place and a few hours of reminiscing and storytelling. It was a late night, but a great time.

Saturday, we took a little jaunt down Countryside Lane to see the old house the family used to live in. It was quite a bit different; the new owners have done a wonderful job with it.

Then it was over to Shawn and Kristy's. It was yet another great time with excellent food and lots of pictures being taken.

We left for home the next morning... …and here I am blogging about it.