Friday, August 5, 2011

Busy Times

Well, once again several months have passed and I've not posted events. See how I am? lmao

It's crazy how things can change so quickly.  The family reunion has been put off until next year, so that didn't happen. It's all good though. Rich and I have our 25 anniversary this month!

Natosha and Eugene have rented a place of their own now. They kept one of the pups from the litter they had, Spot. He's a cutie! He's also quite huge now. They are doing well, working towards being able to purchase a house. Good luck to them on that, I know they can do it. It just takes time and planning.

Ryan was sooo happy to get the interlock out! Whew, that's finally over! He also got a new apartment, no more roommate! It took some looking to find one that would work for him, but things are going well.

Travis is moving out in a couple weeks as well (11 days to be exact). His current girlfriend, Stephanie and her pitbull Izzy, are living with us; they are getting an apartment together. We know they can do it even though they are a little nervous about it.

Rich and I are crusing along, looking forward to some quite time. ...and hopefully grandkids in the not tooo distant future. ;)  I'll have to see about getting the camera out and putting up some updated pics. Yeah right, like that'll happen! lmao