Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reunions All Around

Well July rolled around and it was time to get busy busy... We had to try and make it to both the Ashby Family Reunion and The Bray Family Reunion.

First the Ashby Reunion; it was in Salt Lake City this year. Our trip getting there was on the sad side having just lost Misty, but as we traveled we focused on enjoying what was coming.

Just outside of St. George we got a low tire pressure warning and pulled over to check it out.  We had picked up a nail in one of the tires, Rich put on the spare and into St. George we went to have it fixed. An hour later we were back on the road again. Good thing I had my Nook with me! Got a couple chapters read while waiting on the tire. :D

We saw a wild fire along the way as well.

Then we got to S&K's house. We had a great time catching up with the family and watching the kids play... the food wasn't bad either!!! ;)

Then it was time for family pics...
The Ashby Family
The Peoria Ashby's

The Kalipetsis's
The SLC Ashby's

The Pond's
The Boise Ashby's

The next morning we were up early as usual and walked over to IHOP for breakfast.
Sunrise from the hotel ;)
Then a fun filled day at Lagoon!

Big enough to ride the big rides!
Me & Shawn waiting to ride Air Race

Several of us went on Blast Off as a tribute to Glen. ;)  All in all in was a great time.

We headed home super early the next morning in an attempt to get home in time to surprise Mom and make the Reunion with the family there. We were unsure if we would be able to pull this off so we told Mom we would not be able to be there. But guess what...  We made it! ;)

We arrived back in the driveway just around noon, unloaded the car, jumped in the truck and headed over my Mom's for a small Reunion there too! Mom was out front when we got there, she was shocked and happy to see us. Some of this family we've not seen in many years, so it was great to see them!

Then finally it was back home and a good night's sleep! Busy few days!

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