Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sad Days Ahead

Well, back in January I contracted a wonderful skin disease that covered me pretty much head to toe. That's been fun to deal with. I haven't been able to do full cardio workouts because when the body heats up it activates the stuff and causes the already severe itching to get even worse. Bright Side: I am finally coming to the end of this mess! Most of me has healed, I have a few remaining spots that still have some minor itching from time to time, but I can work out again! Yay!

But sadly, on 5 March 2012, my Bandit was diagnosed with cancer; it is already in his lungs, so there is nothing that we can really do for him except to keep him comfortable until he decides to leave us. The pain meds seem to be helpful, he is up and moving around a bit, but he has so much trouble breathing and is now developing a cough along with it. It is a sad sad time for us.

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