Monday, August 31, 2009

23rd Anniversary

So, as of yesterday Rich and I have been married for 23 years! Wow how time flies!
We had a great day. We don't really do gifts for special occations, we do that on a regular basis, so we prefer to spend time together. So, we had a date. First we went to lunch at the Cheesecake factory. We had lunch and then shared a piece of raspberry-lemon cheesecake. It was really good.
Then... we went down to the SpeedStreet indoor race track. It's Kart racing and it was really fun. We got the three race package. I had never done this before, Rich had. So, in the first race, I had some trouble; I couldn't reach to push the gas down all the way (too short), so I couldn't get full speed. Rich could and lapped me... the little bugger. The second race, the guy put in a jumper seat for me so I could reach, it was much better. Rich still beat me, but he didn't lap me. The third race, I actually finished in 11th place for the day. Woo Hoo, the only girl on the scoreboard! Rich, however, finished in second for the day, and came in 44th place for the month.

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